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The Pirelli SporTUBE is a classic butyl tube for numerous bicycle types. In the 29" size offered here, it is particularly well suited as a reliable MTB inner tube and generally as an inner tube for off-road tyres.
Inner tube Pirelli RoadTUBE... Inner tube Pirelli RoadTUBE... 2
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The RoadTUBE is the modern interpretation of the classic butyl inner tube used by millions of cyclists around the globe. The RoadTUBE takes advantage on the practicality and reliability of the butyl in a modern and advanced application focused on performance and lightness. The result is a lightweight cycling butyl tube which is perfect for everyday use...
Inner tube Pirelli PZero... Inner tube Pirelli PZero... 2
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The P Zero SmarTUBE is the most advanced tube in Pirelli's range. It was developed to meet the demands of professional World Tour riders in terms of lightness and handling. Now all road cyclists can see the qualities of this superior TPU road tube for themselves.
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