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Front light BBB BLS-151D... Front light BBB BLS-151D... 2
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An allround light, good for every situation and with all the handy features you need. Easy to strap on any bike. Ready for every situation with the day flash mode, the extending flash mode and the memory mode. The Spark 2.0 is completely waterproof with the self-locking USB port. 
Front light BBB BLS-144... Front light BBB BLS-144... 2
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Front lights

Front light BBB BLS-144 Stud 33 black

The Stud 33 is our choice for use in and around the city. The 33 Lux/ 130 lumen emitted provides more than enough light to maneuver through traffic and be seen by other traffic road users. The smart light beam allows a wide field of vision without blinding upcoming traffic. Operating the light is user friendly due to the special memory mode. The Stud 33...
Front light BBB BLS-141... Front light BBB BLS-141... 2
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Front lights

Front light BBB BLS-141 Stud black

One of our most compact and easy to use headlights is the Stud. The Stud is the perfect choice for the city. With the Stud headlight you make sure you won't blind anybody, the square light beam keeps the light low, but still very comfortable for you to see what's in front of you.
Front light BBB BLS-230... Front light BBB BLS-230... 2
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Front lights

Front light BBB BLS-230 Stud 50 black

The Stud 50 bicycle front light: your urban cycling essential. Navigate the city with confidence. Its unique design ensures your visibility while being considerate of oncoming traffic. The aluminum heatsink guarantees optimal heat dissipation, while the Memory mode and multi-color battery indicator add convenience. Upgrade your urban rides today!
Front light BBB BLS-225 Spirit Front light BBB BLS-225 Spirit 2
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Front lights

Front light BBB BLS-225 Spirit

The Spirit is a headlight with character. Its compact design combined with its 9 individual modes makes this headlight the perfect allrounder for daily use. With a maximum of 30 Lumen, the Spirit is suitable for use on al tyes of bikes.
Lampa Bontrager Ion 450 R... Lampa Bontrager Ion 450 R... 2
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This compact yet powerful USB-rechargeable front bike light can be seen from over 2km away, day or night.
Front light BBB BLS-161... Front light BBB BLS-161... 2
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Front lights

Front light BBB BLS-161 Nanostrike 600

Powerful headlight with extreme power to size ratio A small but powerful fellow who will get you through the night safely. The NanoStrike 600 is the little brother of the Strike, but don't underestimate his power with 600 lumen.The aluminium cooling system keeps the light from overheating and makes the light more durable. A special city daylight mode and...
Front light BBB BLS-162... Front light BBB BLS-162... 2
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Are you ready for an adventure? The AdventureStrike 600 will lead the way! This 600 Lumen headlight comes with our HelmetMount 2.0 and has an incredible power-to-size ratio for optimal weight balance. Its small size has minimal effect on your helmet while still emitting a great amount of light. With the AdventureStrike 600, you can lighten up every...
Headlight Bontrager Ion Comp R Headlight Bontrager Ion Comp R 2
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Front lights

Headlight Bontrager Ion Comp R

Ion Comp R packs the power of lasting light into a sleek, compact design that's at home on any road, mountain or city bike. Light your way with five modes, including a Daytime Running Light mode that's designed to increase rider visibility during the day and can be seen from 2 km away.
Trek Commuter Pro RT Front... Trek Commuter Pro RT Front... 2
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Our best light, bright enough for trail riding, and with Kindbeam to keep light on the trail and out of oncoming riders' eyes.
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