Casual pedals

Pedals Bontrager City black Pedals Bontrager City black 2
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A foot-conforming flat pedal with anti-slip texture designed to deliver comfort and confidence with any shoe.
Pedals BBB BPD-61 pedals... Pedals BBB BPD-61 pedals... 2
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Want to switch between SPD and regular pedals? With the DualChoice it can be done in a second! Simply by turning your pedal. Your feet don't want anything else.
Pedals BBB BPD-36 CoolRide... Pedals BBB BPD-36 CoolRide... 2
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Casual pedals

Pedals BBB BPD-36 CoolRide black

Get the best grip you can imagine. The CoolRide is made for grip, heavy duty work and great comfort. Due to the big platform and the little spikes in the aluminium frame your feet will never slip off to avoid uncool situations.
Pedals Look X-Track En-Rage... Pedals Look X-Track En-Rage... 2
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The X-TRACK EN-RAGE is a sturdy pedal to accompany you on your favorite trails. The forged aluminum body is designed to resist the extreme conditions of trail riding. The 545 mm² contact area is perfect for riders looking for a comfortable width that offers security but also a surface contact-to-weight ratio which remains unparalleled on the MTB pedal...
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