Women's fitness bicycles

Women's bikes

Women's bikes. Although nowadays bicycles are less and less made for a specific gender and are designed to be suitable for both sexes, there may be some differences between women's and men's bicycles. Frame and wheel size. Women generally have smaller frame sizes and there are also bikes with smaller wheel sizes (27.5").

Frame shape. The traditional low 'L' shaped women's frame is usually available on city and casual bikes, but other categories of bicycles have 'S' shaped frames which are particularly suitable for women of small stature.

Fitness bike FX 2 Disc... Fitness bike FX 2 Disc... 2
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Touring / trekking bikes

Fitness bike FX 2 Disc Quicksilver

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FX 2 Disc is a stylish and versatile hybrid bike with disc brakes that let you stop on a penny and ask for change, even when the weather isn't cooperating. Train, commute or ride for fun with the lightweight Alpha Gold Aluminium frame, 18 speeds and semi-skinny tyres that are fast on the road and stable on loose terrain.
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