A modern bike helmet is comfortable, good-looking and provides an important function - it protects your one and only organ - your head. Unfortunately, accidents and falls on a bicycle do happen and they are painful and can be traumatic. Remember this and wear a helmet even during a short and calm ride! Get your child into the habit of wearing a helmet from an early age. The helmet is your safety belt!

EU standard N1078 sets the minimum safety requirements for adult and child bicycle helmets, but more demanding and risk-prone cyclists can opt for the increased safety standards provided by MIPS or WavCel safety systems.

WaveCel Bontrager helmet

Bontrager, in collaboration with WaveCel, has developed a bicycle helmet that has completely changed the standard of safety for cyclists, which had not been improved in the last 30 years. The inside of the helmet is lined with a special patented honeycomb material, WaveCel, which provides significantly more effective head protection than traditional helmets.

What is WaveCel? WaveCel is a revolutionary material designed with one goal in mind - to reduce head injuries in cyclists. WaveCel was developed by biomechanical engineers, orthopaedic surgeons and is the first high-level technology for bicycle helmets to receive support and funding from the US National Institutes of Health

How does it work? The honeycomb material absorbs and redirects the impact energy before it reaches the head. The principle of operation is similar to that of a front and rear side impact absorber (commonly known as a "bumper"). The flexible material cells absorb the first wave of the impact. The cells deform and absorb the impact energy, but their specific shape deflects the impact energy away from the head - in effect, the force of the impact energy is dispersed throughout the WaveCel material rather than the head.

WaveCel has proven its effectiveness, which is why it is widely available in a variety of adult and children's helmet models. If the worst should happen and you suffer a fall or accident, Bontrager will give you a new helmet to replace the damaged one, absolutely free!

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