Why so expensive? This is the question almost everyone asks themselves when they see a seemingly simple piece of machinery (a bicycle) costing several thousand euros. But in reality, the modern bicycle is not such a simple mechanism and the technology of the materials used is in some respects the same as in modern aircraft.

Why so expensive?

In order to make the ride more efficient and comfortable, bicycles are made using aluminium or carbon fibre materials (carbon), which are lighter than traditional steel but at the same time offer increased precision, functionality and durability, even under conditions of more intensive use. As the intended intensity of use increases and the weight of the bicycle decreases, the price of the bicycle will noticeably increase, but in return you get better performance, comfort and precision of the mechanisms.

Key factors that improve the performance and increase the price of a bicycle: aluminium vs steel frame, carbon fibre vs aluminium frame, air shock fork vs spring shock fork, wheel rims for tubeless vs conventional wheel rims, carbon fibre wheel rims vs aluminium wheel rims, soft folding tyres without cord vs hard tyres with cord, tubeless tyres vs tubeless tyres, aluminium sprockets vs steel sprockets, aluminium cranks vs steel cranks, carbon fibre cranks vs aluminium cranks, number of rear gears, mechanical disc brakes vs conventional rim brakes, hydraulic disc brakes vs mechanical disc brakes

Some examples:
beginner's leisure mountain bike TREK Marlin 4 - weight 14.59 kg (EUR 599),
beginner's competition mountain bike TREK X-caliber 7 - weight 13.39 kg (EUR 1099),
competition level mountain bike TREK Procaliber 9.5 - weight 11.81 kg (EUR 2199),
professional competition level bike TREK Procaliber 9.8 - weight 10.05 kg (EUR 4299)

It all depends on your goals, how much you use the bike and your personal ambitions, but any of the above bikes is good enough and will give you the pleasure and satisfaction of being active.

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