What is MIPS? The MIPS system is designed to provide extra security for helmets and your most important organ - your head. In the event of certain impacts, the MIPS system can reduce negative forces that could otherwise directly damage your head.


How does the MIPS system work? If an accident happens, the MIPS system built into the helmet is designed to help reduce the force of rotational impacts that could otherwise be transmitted to your head. Rotational motion is the most common cause of concussion and more severe brain injuries in oblique impacts. The MIPS system consists of a low-friction layer embedded in the helmet. In the event of an impact, the low-friction layer helps to deflect the force of the impact away from the head and disperses it throughout the helmet shell.


Why the rotational movement? In most accidents, a bicycle crash does not happen in a straight line but at a certain angle, just like a tennis ball hits the ground, the head is subject to rotational movement when it falls. Studies have shown that a rotational impact is more dangerous than a linear impact. The MIPS system incorporated in the helmet acts as an additional layer that moves slightly by 10-15mm during impact and helps to reduce the force from the rotational motion, which is deflected away from the head and dispersed throughout the helmet shell.


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